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A New Kind of Birth

Many have been talking about planetary changes happening. new-paradigm Everything from pole shifts to global weather changes.  For the past decade, many spiritual teachers have been referring to an evolutionary change happening to our species.  A sort of waking up, raising consciousness or increasing awareness.  This is something that is gaining in speed and popularity, as many people ARE actually waking up from their sleep.  This means, they are starting to become aware of their own awareness.  In this awareness, a human being begins to notice thoughts, emotions and feelings in a new way.  There might also be some questioning that begins to take place.  Starting to wonder about their belief systems that have been the basis of making life choices.

This impact on birth is extremely profound.  As human’s continue this waking up process, the birth experience transforms into a completely different experience.  It now becomes something that is empowered, awake and blissful.  Women move away from suffering, hard work and “should-do” type of experiences.

In the new paradigm, women embrace their birth experience in the same way they embrace their awakened lifestyle.  By going within herself, a woman creates a meeting with her soul, learning to drop away from the physical experience of birth becoming more fluid and malleable.  She finds her strength from within and she also finds her surrender at the same time.  Knowing that it is the strength of choice, of empowerment, that brings her the choice to surrender.  When she surrenders to ‘what is’ she experiences birth in another way.  She experiences it in a blissfully, awakened state of being.  Because she is accepting what is about her birth instead of resisting and fighting the experience.  She has let go of the conceptual ways birth has been ‘taught’ for generations and she embraces the wisdom she was born with.  She moves with her body, she breathes consciously and she completely trusts her body with all of its built-in wisdom.

Birth becomes an experience full of love, gratitude and welcoming the human being that is entering our planet.  The one who is coming to bring the gifts into our world.  This is the beginning of the new paradigm of birth.

Falling in Love

From the moment of conception, throughout the pregnancy and in the heart opening time of birth, there is a bond between the mother and her child.  This special connection is difficult to describe using the limited communication of words, but it is intense, overwhelming and life changing.  When the mother and baby meet for the first time on the outside, something opens up within the mother that is indescribable.   There is a deep well of love that seems to flood into the mother’s awareness.  Almost like an infatuation begins.  The mother looks over the newest member of her family, looking the baby up and down, gazing into the baby’s eyes and caressing the hands gently.  It’s almost as if… the mother is falling in love with her baby.

Similar to the journey of new love, when two adults fall in love and infatuation sets in.  The growing love between a couple usually equates into sleepless nights, gazing into each other’s eyes for hours, spending endless time just sitting around and being with one another with no real agenda, and learning about each other until the desire is satisfied.  It’s no accident these two experiences are similar.  The bond that is created in both situations, often lasts a lifetime.  This bond happens in this spontaneous journey of falling in love.

As a new mother, when we can honor this temporary time period of falling in love, perhaps it can ease the struggle of not getting things done and taking time of out a busy life to just sit on the couch, gazing at your sleeping newborn for endless hours.  Remembering that during this time period, a life long bond is happening.  A bond that carries you both through elementary school, teenage years, adulthood and beyond.  There is such perfection in the journey and there is so much to stop and enjoy during this time of falling in love.  Not much else in the big picture of life is more rewarding or worthwhile than the connection created during this time.

8 Steps to a Conscious PURE Birth

Birth is one of life’s biggest moments for transformation, there is no denying that!  And birth, when approached consciously, is a heart-opening, soul awakening, life changing experience.  Here are a few quick steps to approach your birth consciously:

  1. Be the change
    So many times it can be easy to point fingers and blame everyone else for what’s happened.  It’s time for everyone who is embarking on the journey of birth to make a decision… be a part of the problem of be the change.  Cultivating sustainable change comes from deep within the fires of the soul.  No longer agreeing to anything that doesn’t FEEL good to you or serve you and your baby in the experience of birth IS being a part of the change.  Sitting back and just being a recipient of your birth, letting hospitals, doctors, midwives, etc makes the rules for you leads to disempowerment, resentment and many problems.
  2. Be still and listen
    It’s time to wake up and quiet down!  As we awaken our consciousness and raise our awareness, we must also learn to be still and listen.  Letting go of judgment, recommendations and the chitter-chatter of the incessant cycle of thoughts that repeat allows you the opportunity to understand your self on a deeper level.  Getting to know your SELF and your SOUL connects you deeply to the birth process.  This happens through meditation, quieting the thoughts and opening up to silence.  Within silence, there is a stillness where we are all connected to something much bigger than our self.
  3. Awaken to your inner guidance
    Yes, you are wise just because you are human.  Even though this idea runs counter to our entire social structure, specifically to education and medicine, it is TRUE.  There is a wisdom within you that some people call a “gut” feeling while others call it intuition.  No matter what you call it, learning to hear, trust and act upon that inner guidance allows you to become conscious of what is truly your inner guidance and what is the guidance/fear/manipulation of others.
  4. Acknowledge and heed the wisdom within your body
    The body contains ancient wisdom that can be accessed at many times during life.  Pregnancy and birth is one of those times when our body speaks loud and clear.  Unfortunately, many choose to ignore the wisdom in their body and often suffer great consequences.  Discerning between the wisdom within your body and the dysfunction of your mind (these two can feel the same at first — it takes a lot of practice and attention), is very important on the journey to conscious birth.  Yoga is a great way to learn how to stay connected to your body, nurturing it, loving it and honoring every aspect of it.  It is the great gift of your body that is bringing your baby here, so it’s time to be grateful for this amazing human producing machine!
  5. Labor in LOVE (watch out for those fear potholes)
    Centuries have been spent on perpetuating fear around birth.  There are even stories dating back thousands of years telling tales of horrifying, torturous pain that women experienced during childbirth.  It’s hard to break the cycle, especially when it’s lasted so long and it is so popular.  But the time has come to consider the power of giving birth to our children in the essence of love.  This means letting go of fear and making room for the heart to open up to love.  Many times a birth room is full of fear of trepidation.  All this does is perpetuate the feeling of fear, panic and doubt.  As we awaken to the truth, we can see that there is no longer room in our births for fear!
  6. Surrender to the Sensations
    Yes, birth is powerful and full of a variety of sensations.  It is intense, often overwhelming and all encompassing.  Because of this, many have suffered and experienced tremendous amounts of pain in labor and birth.  Rewriting this story to tell a new one means letting go of the idea of birth as painful.  In truth, it is not necessarily painful.  Pain is a label we are giving all of these sensations.  Awakening to this truth and recognizing our own power, we can see this in a new perspective.  The intensely powerful birth we experience is now a gift.  Each wave of intensity brings us closer to our babies thus making it a great blessing.  In this new perspective, everything changes!
  7. Celebrate the Sacredness of your Birth
    Somewhere along the way, we forgot to remember that birth is one of the most sacred acts of life.  Bringing another human being onto our planet is not a small act.  It’s definitely not “just another day”.  It’s a huge, life transformative process that engages every part of our being.  Birthing women often reach realms of themselves they have never accessed before.  They are engaged in something much grander than themselves, reminding them of their unlimited potential as a human being.  It doesn’t get much more sacred than this so if you’re waiting for something else to change your life, look no further.
  8. Welcome your WHOLE child into your family, life and community
    Something happened to our species when we took birth from the home and into the hospital.  We forgot that birth was the welcoming of a new family member, a new life partner and a new member of the community.  We forgot to celebrate this glorious day and instead we turned it into a day of procedures, tests and prodding.  But that time is over and a new day is here.  Welcoming our children as whole beings, body, mind and spirit allows us to acknowledge the entrance of this new person.  Although they are little and without a voice, they are not without a spirit and they are not without wisdom themselves.  Acknowledging that wisdom as a gift allows us to receive our children as the wonderful people they are and release an idea that they are just a “baby”.

Birth Professionals in the New Paradigm

As stated in the recent documentary titled I AM, “Shift is about to hit the fan”.  We are among a changing time and the shift that is occurring on our planet right now is impacting every aspect of our lives.  This includes childbirth!  The new paradigm is among us.  People are no longer sitting in the back seat of their lives.  An awakening is happening!  It’s exciting and scary at the same time.  As we the new paradigm rises up around us, the question for those who work in childbirth is ARE YOU READY?

We are!  We have built this entire program in the essence of the new paradigm. Without limits, rules, regulations, certifications, a list of have-to’s or should-do’s.  We are already aligned with the heart of humans and we are opening up more and more minds to begin to hear their own inner wisdom louder and clearer than anyone else.

We hope you will join us as we take these next steps on our planet.  Connecting to our fellow human beings in a place of heart-centered connection.  Where honoring the whispers of the soul are not only allowed but encouraged!

We feel led to offer an online class for birth professionals who are looking for guidance on their journey into the new paradigm.  As they let go of the need to be right about everything and scare pregnant moms into making ANY choice.  But instead offering complete freedom and support in that freedom.  If you’re interested or inspired to join us, please consider registering for our upcoming online course for birth professionals.


As a birth professional, we are driven by the desire to change, both in birth itself and in the people who are about to go on the journey. This eight-week class is designed to offer you tips, inspiration, insight and more ways to continue to take the inner journey awakening to your consciousness and allowing it to naturally spill over into your work as a birth professional. While birth professionals have a tremendous impact on those they touch, the biggest impact comes from being an example by the way you live your life. The world is shifting and changes are occurring at a rapid rate — this course is for the new paradigm of consciousness that is waking on this planet right now.

To start off the course, you will receive a welcome email with information about what to expect in the course and some tips on how to get the most out of  your experience with us. Once the course begins you will receive a weekly email offering information in the form of: videos, guided meditations, doses of inspirations, documents to download and birth professional tips. Within every week, there will be a new Pure Birth professional video to watch and a guided meditation to listen to. Each week there will be a different theme that will allow us guide you into a heart-opening, soul-awakening journey back to YOU!! Some of the themes: “Awakening to Your Inner Voice”; “Change Begins with Us”; “Yoga & The Body’s Wisdom”; PLUS MORE!

You will also receive a “Birth Professional Guide to the New Paradigm” to download the first week of the class! Each person registered for the class will have two individual phone call/skype sessions with Pure Birth founder, Melissa, to help guide you on your path, answer your questions and inspire you as a birth professional. This private sessions will occur in the first week of the class and the last week of the class.

Class Dates: January 9th – February 27th
Cost: $199 (save $50 and register before 12/31/2011)
Free to our current affiliates


How do I best prepare for birth?

Well, I have been asked this question thousands of times and I have answered it a hundred different ways.  The response changes on where I am on this beautiful journey in birth and my understandings of life.  My answer today might sound counter-intuitive for a childbirth educator or doula, but it is for the moment the most clear understanding I have of the question so far.

Upon discovering a positive pregnancy test, women usually spend the first few weeks scouring the internet, books and asking friends questions about pregnancy and birth.  This normal reaction to seek out information and guidance is similar to a child who just learns to read and realize how much information is now available to him.  However, after the dust settles on this initial jump start education program, there becomes a time when real decisions become necessary.

In previous decades, we have thought that childbirth preparation meant breathing techniques, anatomy and medical terminology.  In the more progressive childbirth classes, we taught poses for childbirth, relaxation techniques and birth plans.  As this question arises today, instead of suggesting birth plan preparations I suggest finding their soul.  Getting to know themselves with the deepest intimacy that is available at the time.  Making the journey about going within instead about learning another breathing technique.  It’s not that the breathing techniques, birth plans and birthing positions aren’t helpful, because they are.  But they are useless if you don’t understand the depths of your soul, knowing its whispers in your heart.  Most of the time spent on planning the nursery or researching car seats seen silly in comparison to the mindful journey of coming to know your inner wisdom.

If we all have an inner wisdom, and I believe we do, how do we decipher the difference between a fear, a cultural story and the whisper of the soul?  THAT’S WHAT A PURE BIRTH CLASS IS FOR!  It’s not that a Pure Birth class is the only way…. not even close.  It’s just one of the many ways to experientially begin or continue the soulful journey inward.

The Pain Pleasure Dichotomy

It has been thought for centuries that pain was the opposite of pleasure.  That when pain was present pleasure was absent.  This idea has been widely accepted for generations.  The pleasure-pain principle was originated by Sigmund Freud in modern psychoanalysis, although Aristotle noted their significance in his ‘Rhetoric’, more than 300 years BC.

We may lay it down that Pleasure is a movement, a movement by which the soul as a whole is consciously brought into its normal state of being; and that Pain is the opposite.

This idea is that as human beings, we inherently move towards pleasure and avoid pain.  This one concept has built an idea that the two are opposites and mutually exclusive.  There are many examples cited about this idea of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.  Such a child who gets burned by fire and avoids the fire.  This we can witness as a child is learning about its environment.  This seems like absolute truth at first glance.

However, a new idea is being born, one that allows for the possibility of pain and pleasure existing simultaneously thus becoming neither of those.  When a person allows themselves to be outside the realm of opposites, one can experience both joy and sadness, pain and pleasure, laughter and crying at the same time.  The interesting part of this idea is that most of us have experienced moments of simultaneous pain and pleasure.  Even if it was just for a second, the experience is often dismissed and deemed an abnormal experience or perhaps the person claiming to experience it was delusional or crazy.  It is in this moment of simultaneously experiencing pain and pleasure, that we realize how subjective the idea of pain/pleasure has become.   In the simultaneous experience of opposites,  bliss arises that surpasses both pain and pleasure.  It is in feeling this blissful, whether both are experienced simultaneously or you might say that neither were experienced at all, there is an experience beyond words, ideas and concepts.  An experience that defies logic, science and rational thinking.

Perhaps it’s time to conceive of the idea of as an idea whose time has come.  In doing so, we open the door to the impossible idea of experiencing pleasure in birth.  I know it’s possible, because I personally experienced it and the only reason I personally experienced it was because I knew it was possible.  Welcome to the new paradigm of birth.

“It is not necessary for you to be pain-free in order to be free of suffering.  It is not necessary for there to be a lack of disruption in your life for there to be peace.”  ~Neale Donald Walsch

“What seems nasty, painful, evil can become a source of beauty, joy, and strength, if faced with an open mind.” ~ Henry Miller

“Many of us spend our whole lives running from feeling with the mistaken belief that you cannot bear the pain. But you have already borne the pain. What you have not done is feel all you are beyond the pain.” ~Saint Bartholomew quotes (One of the Twelve Apostles, 1st century AD)

Awakening the Wisdom Within